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"Dolls of Ink" is a new, upcoming industrial band from Cincinnati, Ohio. With only one member in this band, he shows determination and a passion for music. His music is is derived from an industrial genre, but he puts his own twist on it; using both melodic and extreme synth parts in harmony, combined with penetrating drums, and distorted vocals.

He is far along his way to the band's first album "Rapture". Unfortunately his is yet to disclose they release date. Dolls of Ink is currently looking for a record label to sign him, and is working constantly to promote the band and recruit new fans. He has generously released all of his songs on websites around the internet, such as myspace, reverbnation, and to promote his upcoming album.

Dolls of Ink is a side project Alex Corsmeier, a young musician right out of high school. Inspiration for his music comes from ideas and things that he belives should be changed, or has a negative impact on society.

"Even thinking about some of the terrible things that are going on every secord of everyday could drive a person mad. So much hate and violence in the world, yet it doesn't even phase most of us. We can all made a difference in some way or another, but we just choose not to..." ~Alex Corsmeier

Every aspect of Dolls of Ink is done solely by Alex. All the artwork and pictures were created by him, and all the music made by him with very minimal influence from any other person. The whole foundation of the band was made from conflictions with band members in his other bands.

"It's really complicated, but I just want to express myself without having others criticize me for it. I love what I do, and I don't want others to stop me from doing what I think needs to be done..." ~Alex Corsmeier

Since the start of the band in May 2008, the band has made significant progress. By the end of July several bands had asked him for a remix of their songs, and he had almost an entire album made. But it is only the beginning of this young man's musical career, we can expect much more to come from such a dedicated artist.

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