Donovan Knox

Donovan Knox

Donovan Knox

Rock, R&B
From: Johannesburg, South Africa

About Artist

Donovan is indeed a multi-faceted and talented artist who truly embodies the title - jack of all trades. He's a singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and not to mention a guitarist of note. Born and bred in Durban (S.A), he discovered his love for guitar at a tender of 8 and never looked back. As he grew up, his aim was to sharpen his skill; at age 13 he joined a local Rock band called the "White-Angels" and he was faced with a daunting task of striking a balance between his love for music and his academic work. On completing his academic career, his goal was to pursue his life long dream of becoming a superstar, a Rock superstar to be more precise. He left the comforts of home life in Durban and ventured to the big golden city of Gauteng (Johannesburg). On his arrival he got introduced to the legendary bassist from an Afro-Rock band (Harari) Om Alec Khaoli who was at the time in the process of establishing his own band called Umoja. On realising Donovan's potential and natural talent, he established him as a lead vocalist and guitarist. "I was groomed by Alec Khaoli, he gave me my first break and I'm truly grateful to him for believing in me." As fate would have it, his timing was amazing because the same year he joined the band, Alec had signed a deal to record Umoja;s debut album titled "Brown Sugar" in the United States of America. Indeed an exciting time for the young Donovan who was about to get a taste of success and international exposure in a short span of time. There he met and got an opportunity to work with the heavy-weights of the music industry, like Stevie Wonder's drummer (Dennis Davis), Todd Cochrane from Stanley Clarke's band; jim Cassel and Howard Kenny. The album bacame a big hit and sweet success can knocking and they gladly embraced it. Umoja instantly became a household name and after a good 4 to 5 years touring the band, Donovan decided to venture out on his own, once again leaving his comfort zone in search of his dream to be a rock star. Armed with skills and the invaluable experience acquired while in Umoja, he founded his own band which he called "Image", enlisting the now popular artists such as, Don Laka, Godfrey Mgcina and Sello Chicco Twala, who had also at the genesis of their own musical careers been in the group Umoja. Image had a good run in the market and after a few years the guys outgrew the style of music they were doing and decided to go their separate ways to pursue solo careers. Donovan then decided to leave South Africa and moved to the U.K, where he met incredibly powerful and influential musicians. He joines a band named The Unlce Phil Band, working with high calibre artists such as Terro Pollita, an amazing guitarist from Finland, Chris the Bassist and Matt the drummer. "We gigged in London at various high profile clubs and venues and used to receive great reviews." He worked and lived in the U.K for about 6 years during which his guitar playing skill grew and he bacame something of a master. His love for the electric guitar led him to be an avid guitar collector and managed to put together an impressive collection of highly priced guitars which would leave most rock stars gasping with envy. After long absence from his native country (S.A), he decided that it was tim to go back home ans share his experiences and fine-tuned musical skills with his people. As soon as he arrived home, his first order of business was to work on his debut solo project, but experience had taught him that creative freedom is only acquired if one has his own studio, so he went out and set up his own fully fledged recording studios in Northcliff (Johannesburg) called Sbuday Recording Studios. There he tirelessly toiled to produce and impressive 10 track album titled Runnin' which fuses R&B and Rock, and truly tailored to capture both the local and international market. "My musical influences are Steve Vai, Level 42, Santana and Jimi Hendrix to mention a few." Donovan will be going on tour to promote his newly released ablum Runnin', and will be backed by some of South Africa's great instrumentalists.

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