Doomsday Inc.

Doomsday Inc.

Doomsday Inc.

Metal, Hard rock
From: Kankaanpää, Finland

Band Members

  • Tomi Rajala - Vocals & Guitar
  • Kari Liimu - Lead Guitar
  • Rami Rajala - Bass
  • Aaro Lahtivirta - Drums

About Band

Doomsday Inc. as a musical project goes back to 2008, when members of Painshock (namely Tomi, Rami & Kari) were in need of a "therapy band" as a side project as Painshock increased it's popularity among listeners. The idea of a band started from a common source of inspiration for the guys. Huge Black Label Society -fans then decided to form a cover-band playing mostly BLS -songs, and introduced Rami's schoolmate, Ari, to play the bass. A few rehearsals took place during late 2008 and early 2009, but after school was out, Ari faced a move elsewhere and the whole project was put to ice for the time being. An idea to revive and renew the project came when Painshock fell slowly into hiatus due to lack of talented drummers in the area, and failing to get a replacement, full work began to make Doomsday Inc. reality for it's members. Tomi as the main songwriter also wrote the music for Painshock, but his music was moving out of the original style and most of new songs were unfitting in the usual Painshock set. Songs like "Hell on earth" and "Do us a favor" were seen more suitable for Doomsday Inc., and the idea of a full cover-band was thrown away, and an idea to write own songs was introduced. During 2011 pieces began to fall in place. Aaro, a former Diatribes -guitarist came in to fill the blank spot behind the drums. Despite him being a guitarist, he, as well as Tomi, started his musical career behind the drumkit. Rami grabbed the bass, and Kari was brought in to take on the lead guitar once again.

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