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The name is "D"... D for Doskie... PTA(cap city) soldier... Born and raised in Mabopane(bop-line)... My ghetto, were me and few friends of mine started a group named "MURDER SQUAD" which consisted of me, Bigg Moss and SantaMirely... I would create beats and we would rap on then... Couple of years later the group collapse... A few months later the group "G.O.D Platinum X" arose from the ashes of the previous group "MURDER SQUAD" even when Murder Squad was busy making wave... Platinum X was busy making songs and Platinum X consisted of me, Tha Son and G-Doke Sosty B... Now this guys are childhood friends of mine... 005 Tha Son is a poet and lyrics serial killer... This dude is gud... G-Doke sosty B is more of a visual master mind... His company Data Motion picture... He is responsible for all our pics and videos... And some years later the group fell apart, so I decided to go solo... This would be my second mixtape

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