Dragons Power Up!

Dragons Power Up!

Dragons Power Up!

Rock, Indie, Other
From: St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN, United States

Band Members

  • Chris Tures - vocals, guitar
  • Mike Ries - drums, rhodes, engineer
  • Mike Coyne - bass, vocals
  • Dan Ries - guitar, noise, screwdriver

About Band

We were born of the fire and took to the skies.  We suggest you do the same.

Sometimes people say nice things about us.  Sometimes, people say less-than-nice things about us:

This is balls-to-the-wall, no-bullshit, real rock and roll, and if this band can play anything like this live, you're in for a real treat on stage...Yes, even St. George would be proud of this white-hot, thrashing beast of a band. Great stuff.  - Tom Hallet, Pulse of the Twin Cities

"Rock Music Versus the Moon!" proclaimed the flyer for a show organized by local band Dragons Power Up! Based on this strange artifact, I went to Big V's the night of the lunar eclipse expecting (fearing?) highly ironic expression of whimsy. But D.P.U. are metal-loving rockers with little use for gimmicks and lots of love for nasty feedback jams and guitar solos that invade your ear canal like a swarm of angry mosquitoes. - Sarah Ashkari, City Pages

With a serpentine, low-fi sound coiled round a flaming pile of reverb sits Dragons Power Up!, a Minneapolis-based beast of a band with one mission - to rock. This Way to Gunshire chronicles their planetary conquest and, with folded wings and fiery breath, strikes fear into the hearts of the innocent and warms the hearts of the damned. - perfectporrige.com

Obnoxious dance punk meets garage rock in some sort of slutty alleyway in which these genres finger fuck each other into oblivion. Pasty post-punk that could have been good if it wasn't too busy trying to be smart and sucking ass in the vocal department. To be fair, I totally didn't give this band a fair shake but fuck them—they're punk rock they should be able to bounce back well enough. - J-Sin - smother.net

I was unexpectedly treated to the prog-rock stylings of the charismatic Dragons Power Up. These guys really bring the heavy rock, pushing the distortion to ear-pleasing levels that would make many death metal bands proud. But these guys aren't death metal. They are rock. And their record, This Way to Gunshire…, is testament to their fun, distorted, rock-and-roll view of the world. Consisting of enough twists and turns to get even the most gallant knight lost on his way to save a princess, This Way to Gunshire… is a great listen and is worthy of any dragons that were slain in its production. -Toby Cryns, Lunch of Champions

From an Interview with Greg Swan (local music bloggist/critic) CB: Thus far this year which have most excited you amongst Twin Cities' releases?  GS: Dragons Power Up!'s This Way to Gunshire was a fun surprise. - culturebully.com

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Website: www.myspace.com/dragonspowerup

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