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Hi, there. Welcome to my Unsigned.com page. Real name: 'Sudipto Majumder' pronounced 'Shoe-deep-toe' 'Mo-zoom-der' Like to be called: 'dreamer' or anything you want. Birthplace: Bangladesh Age: 18 Occupation: Student (A' Levels Candidate) Hobby: Music producing and sound designing. Style of music: Anything from electronica, like electro house, dubstep, trance, ambient etc. Influences: Deadmau5, Michael Woods, Micheal Cretu of 'ENIGMA', Schiller. I mostly experiment with genres. I love classical music, rock song, metal song, dance-electronica stuffs. I don't like Hip-Hop song that much. I support Eminem as Best Rap Artist. Why am I here: As I am not rich, I don't have any record label. I am unsigned and self-taught. I am here to let the world know, whats hidden inside me in the language of music. Please check out my website for more info, songs, music, free stuffs. Thank you. :)

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