Dream Land Scheme

Dream Land Scheme

Dream Land Scheme

Electronica, Ambient, Other
From: New York, NY, United States

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Before I start with the usual “I was born in….., I had perused this…. But the unexpected changes… blah blah” I would like to begin with the fact that I am currently at serious war with spiders. I have a sword in my room, and anytime I see a spider I unsheathe it, put my Trojan helmet on and challenge it to a duel. When it doesn’t respond, I take that as an insult and stab it in its open torso. Now that we got that out of the way, we can focus on less important aspects of my interesting life. I was born in the Republic of Georgia (It really exists! It’s by the Black Sea). I was expected to go into Physics like the rest of my family, but I said “hell no” and somehow ended up in the US with my dear mother. I lived outside of Washington DC for four years, attending Oakton High School. One of those schools where the kids in the parking lot have Land Rovers, Corvettes and Escalades, while the teachers drive 1987 Hondas. I had a fun time there; I played soccer for all four years. Ye, just because I write music doesn’t mean I don’t go to the gym once a month. I had this explosion into music towards the end of my junior year and then went on to spend hours everyday just weaving some tunes. Now I have ended up in the New Rome of the world, attending New York University. As they say “All roads lead to Rome.”

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Website: www.dreamlandscheme.com

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