Drunk P

Drunk P

Drunk P

From: South Auckland, New Zealand

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THA DRUNK MAN Drunk P Based in Sydney, Australia and hailing from South Auckland, New Zealand Drunk P has been touted as the next in a growing list of S.A artists to gain an international following in the Hip Hop arena. Despite having enjoyed commercial airplay as part of the group Southern Dynasty and preparing to release his Alive and Well E.P, concedes in the past he has been lazy and is not as far along in his career as he could be, "I got starts here and there but just never put in the work, ya know?". Now after ten years of live performances and countless numbers of area specific free tapes and cd's P now believes he has the work ethic and material to appeal to a wider audience, "now I make a song that other people can listen (to) ya know? Before a lot of my tracks wouldnt even make sense if you weren't there or didn't know me". As well as his own projects P is involved with 8 FIGURE ENTERTAINMENT an independant label with a focus on developing local talent.

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