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Beginning his music career as a manager, D. Trump was able to build great business relationships with many people. After years of running the show behind the scenes, he decided that it was something that needed to be said so he picked up the microphone and said it himself. The name D. Trump was given to him because he was extremely money savvy and he constantly found different ways to generate substantial income. After becoming an artist, he contemplated changing his name from D. Trump because he felt that it would create some form of a clash with business mogul Donald J. Trump. He decided to keep the name saying the D. Trump represents success and style. He said, “If given the opportunity, I would like to ask Donald Trump what type of music motivates him? What does he like to hear in the morning? After hearing the responses for those questions I would go to the studio and produce that type of project. “ He released his debut single Dopeman Spokesman featuring D.O.G. and Indyana Jones produced by Deceptaconz Productions on December 6, 2011. Immediately following the release of Dopeman Spokesman, the word slowly began to spread. Currently, he is working on his first mix tape, which he will release in late summer. Although he was born in Birmingham, AL on January 4, 1985, and has lived there all his life, he was raised on Texas music on artist like Bun B, the late Pimp C, Devin the Dude, Scarface, Screwed Up Click, etc. No matter what type of music he makes, it will always remain to project his southern style. He considers his music to be inspirational. All of his music speaks of success in some shape, form, or fashion. His music allows listeners to think outside of the box and helps them create different ways to become successful. Because of his creative style and positive messages given through his music, D. Trump will be a household name in the hip-hop industry for years to come.

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