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My music is produced mostly by that "dark side" inside every one of us, especially mine, grown along feelings and troubles that scarred inside. That's the reason for the sad, nostalgic or even rage sound in my songs. I think the music made from sadeness is always more complex and interesting to hear.

All that bad feelings can give us is transformed through music into pieces loaded with emotions, like a special way of relieving feelings, to make understand and create emotions in other people who just listen to a song.

I’m not strict in my way of composing or the genre of my music. I feel free to compose in any style that my mood is identified to, also the tempo, or the melody I’m playing without focusing anything in specific just the feeling.

I create somethimes creating form zero or using acapellas or remixing a song.  I do music when I want to, and the music flows.

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