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It starts out very subtly, with a consistent bass undertone. Slowly, as a vigorous powerhouse escalates, a beautifully disguised guitar enters the mix, and a slightly classical whisper is added by the synths. A combination that’s out of the ordinary, so distinctive it has its own name: Bronze, the latest genre of music combining metal and melodic vocals with a touch of industrial sound.

This new age metal band has been together for only two years, originating from anywhere but Montreal, where the members all currently reside. Dush has managed to create a sound that’s both original and mainstream and can be enjoyed by older and younger generations alike.

Dush serves up an element of surprise with its high-pitched vocal solos that maintain a velvety rich and Mediterranean tone definitely unique in today’s metal/rock scene. The guitars never fail to deliver beautiful electric riffs; the metal background adds an edge to the sound. As the soul behind the band, the keyboards create a third layer by bringing in a classical operatic sound to otherwise typical metal/rock tunes. And last but not least the bass and drums give Dush a grungy energetic drive that can satisfy any rock lover.

Very persistent, Dush has taken every opportunity to gain exposure. Their latest success was top-five finish among 300 bands in Quebec at the 2007 Mad Productions’ Battle of the Bands.

This band will have you head-bang and dance at the same time... they’re uplifting, gutsy and at times mind-blowing. They will constantly keep you guessing as to what they will do next.

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Website: templeofdush.com

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