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Teresa "Dynasti" Tisdale  is one of the outstanding artist out there doing her thing, no matter if it's singing, rapping, dancing or acting. Dynasti started rapping at the age of fourteen, she was just searching in the Texas Music Office papers and located a mentor, she begged her mother to allow her to rapp and to be in the rapp game and everysince then she has been dynamic. She came a long way from singing with her father befor he past away when she was eight and also singing in the choir with her sister and cousins when her step father would push them to sing many night to be perfect for church, if they messed up it was like a jackson five marathon but if they did a great job he would award them with pizza.

Music stuck with Dynasti all through her rough years growing up, she lived on them streets and got jumped into a gang, so you know she done the unthickable and stole from stores, from friends and family, she just didnt have no care in the world so her mom basically told her she can no longer do music if she didnt striaghten up her act, instead she decide to run away and be this bad girl. No matter what Ms. Dynasti went through, she never gave up because her mom still stood by her side and music was a way to express her life and feelings.

In 2008, Dynasti decided to teach herself how to sing so she can be that triple threat to society, before then her family would tell her to shut up and stick to rapping, she didnt have a tone or melody in her body to save her life, so she said to herself that she was going to teach her voice how to obey her and learn her best how to sing something, even if it took her the rest of her life, she would be able to show and tell her family that she can sing. Now her family and friends be like "that is so unbelievable and amazing", Dynasti says "if I can do it, than anybody can do it". 

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