Earl Dean

Earl Dean

Earl Dean

R&B, Soul
From: New York, NY, United States

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Earl Dean has released his debut album, “The Earl Dean Project”,much to the excitement of his already sizable army of fans. With the album expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting, newfangled sound that he has made his own is certain to gain interest from across the world.Born in Harlem New York , it was here that he developed his musical tastes and interests as a songwriter and music producer, and it was not long after picking up a microphone that he was experimenting original melodies that allowed him to step into his own category with old and new school R&B /Soul music, all of which have had a profound influence on the direction his musical journey has taken.He is keen to point out that everything he listens to directs his musical development in some way. From Jazz music, Country music, hip-hop music even Pop music has influenced him. However his passion is on the soul music.  Being introduced to such beautiful music at such a young age made Earl seek out to find more about various artists.He grew up listening to his family play hits from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5, Motown sound such as: Lionel Richie and Sam Cooke to name a few. After realizing that making music was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across New York City, playing at numerous gigs and making sure that his name and music were being heard by as many people as possible. As his confidence grew and his style developed, he soon saw a loyal following begin to grow. In the time of less than 2 years, Earl Dean has become one of the most talked-about independent new artist on the Internet.He is on the road to become one off the most anticipated independent artist to become a major success story and icon.


With the release of his debut album The Earl Dean Project. Earl Dean has taken new school and mixed it with old school to create this incredible masterpiece.
As a songwriter he has channeled his inner soul into this album.When asked what was the motivation when writing this album he just replied.


"Just look at it as if you are trying to create fine wine. We are always looking to enjoy the taste, as a consumer. But we never use our imagination to enjoy the hard work that was put in to create it .And if we as consumers look at it from that point of view we would enjoy the taste a lot more".


Earl Dean is looking to rekindle the attention of R&B fans across the world with not just one but 5  brand new single from his debut album The Earl Dean Project.

1. We Should Be Together.
2. Beautiful.
3. Don't Take For Granted.
4. I Do.
5. Do You.
The songs on the debut album “The Earl Dean Project

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