From: Omaha, NE, United States

Band Members

  • Scott Osterloh - Vocals
  • Mike Cortinas - Lead Guitar
  • Nick Bojanski - Drums
  • Darren Hopson - Bass

About Band

Echo Bliss is a constant rush of energy from one song to the next. They have an original rock sound blended from each members distinct past. Echo Bliss stems from a previous band that Mike Cortinas, guitar, and Nick Bojanski, drums, were grouped with. With a vision too strong to ignore, Mike and Nick initiated an alliance with Darren Hopson, the pick of the pack for bassist. Then, on an off chance, Scott Osterloh was thrown into the equation. His astounding vocals have a mesmerizing effect on the senses. 

With such influences as Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, and Deep Purple, Michael Joseph Cortinas imports that classical rock guitar style with a modern sound. Echo Bliss to him is a connection with his band mates and expressing his passion to an audience. Mike has a love of music that surges out every time you hear him on guitar. He says, “ Playing a show is one good time after another.”

Nicholas Bojanski, having played at many local scenes throughout the midwest, including Rockfest. He drums out the potential for a unique sound. Inspired by the likes of Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, John Bonham and others, he is an intense drummer a band would dream of. His sole focus is to play in front of as many people as worldly possible. 

Darren Hopson brings exceptional experience to his fellow musicians. This includes having recorded on four albums, playing regionally for several years, and his obsession with note-by-note perfection. He is known for his bass soloing ability. This is a crowd pleaser to say the least. He feels he is with the right group now, and can't wait to take it to the next level.

Vocals are heard by artistic-minded, Scott Osterloh. On the road by age 17, he was on a small independent label, Image Records, where he recorded rock and blues. He has also performed in Jesus Christ Superstar.  Scott will astound you with his a vocal abilities. His intense stage presence is hypnotic and flavorful. Scott’s view on music: “ It is a power and spirit and if we put our heart and soul into it, that’s when the magic happens in us, the musicians, and the listeners.” Echo Bliss is an opportunity that Scott believes will bring some spirit and a whole lot of soul to the rock world.

Echobliss believes the audience always makes the show and we will always try to top one show with the next.

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