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We are what we are... "An electronic mix of industrial, punk, dubstep, hiphop, rap and breakbeat with politically charged lyrics. Punk thought and music processes lend a sharp edge to this up and coming London-based band!" Echos In Vapor began back in 2009 experimenting with circuit bending and processed synths to create strange landscapes of sound. As more electronic instruments fell into their hands, the more complex the sound became often verging on the uncomfortable. At that time the band only consisted of the two founding members, Jo and Andy, the machines did the rest. A gradual progression occurred when the two started constructing more song based tracks, rather than soundscapes (which they found limited the live experience) eventually incorporating vocals to their sound which had also by now become more percussion based, taking influence from a variety of genres. As they were moulding the sound, it became apparent that other members would bring more to the project and so they decided to involve other vocalists and showcase their input. To date members include: Andy C Jo Lord Vie Tate Jefferson Plowright

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