Black Metal, Death Metal, Experimental
From: Leon, Mexico

Band Members

  • Mephisto - Lead Guitar/Führer
  • TFBB - Bass-guitar/Back Vocals
  • Mörgöth - Vocalist
  • Thy Unknown - Infernal Beats

About Band

Inspirated by evilness...We Are Egmont...We are a death black metal band and we are here to destroy world...
Started in 2005 with mephistopheles makin some stuff... then he added thy fuckin black bassist wich help him to get a drummer who could play the things they were planning to do... then thy unknown appeared so he joined the band to prepare the songs to realize the album "Egmont"... Then appeared in the scene Morgoth whos growls surprised all egmonts member so we decided to get him in the band... So we now have our first 13 songs album... And Soon after playing in little gigs we oppened DARK FUNERAL... And we are increassing our power...
Openners of Dark Funeral (2006)

We are EGMONT a band for fans of belphegor, dark funeral, decapitated, hypocrisy and cannibal corpse...
Hail Satan

Songs in The Album "Egmont"
1 Infidel Forebears
2 Demonized
3 The Avenger
4 Zero
5 My Angel
6 Innocent Tears Of Blood
7 Fuckin Bitch
8 All For Evil One
9 Black Spirit
10 Where The Corpses Lay
11 Kill Your Gods
12 The night Of The Living Torches
13 Bonus track - In Service Of Death

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