From: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Band Members

  • Bar Sanitovsky - Vocals and Guitars
  • Yarden Mor-Avi - Guitars
  • Boris Skolyar - Bass
  • Tomshi Shein - Keyboard
  • Erez Nadler - Drums

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About Band

Formed in 2008, in the past couple years freshly born Extreme Metal quintet Ekho have grown from a group of rebelling teens that started a band just for the rock'n'roll of it into the Heavy Metal power-house it is known for today. Ekho's name, based on the mythological creature 'Ekho' which was stolen of her ability to speak refers to the lack of voice and individualism the band feels the younger generation lacks today. In addition - "At the time, we pretty much just thought it sounded cool and liked the meaning, so it was clear to us that it's the right name for us." says guitarist Yarden Mor-Avi. With the hunger to create, after a couple demos ('Among The Shadows of Erebus' & 'Nymph') came Ekho's debut album, 'Spitefull', featuring frontman and virtuoso Metal guitarist Bar Sanitovsky shredding his way through the band's fast paced Heavy Metal riffs and carressing beds of keyboards."We have definatly pushed our limits up on this one...", says Bar. "The album is full of fast Metal riffs, beating-down rythms, great melodies and shredding solos.This one is the real deal." The album consists of 7 heavy piercing Metal tracks, within them, the song 'Frail Lie', where the band deals with the frustration and anger in a relationship were one of the sides acts with dishonesty and hypocrisy. As well,the song 'The Spite' - "The song pretty much deals with the struggles of the typical 'boy wants girl that he can't have' kind of thing, which probably everyone knows." says Bar. The blend of traditional Heavy Metal guitar riffs, soaring keyboards and shredding guitars packed into an extremely tight fit of endless live energy, "rebellious" atitudes and seeming unstopable drive make Ekho known for their one of a kind sound and energetic live performances worldwhide."As long as we love what we do we really couldn't give less of a fuck about what people think", says Bar."If people like it, it's even better.Sure, thats allways cool"."I mean, if it wasn't for our fans' support, I dont know where we'd be today..." The band's lineup features frontman vocalist and guitarist Bar Sanitovsky, as well as Yarden Mor-Avi on guitar, Boris Skolyar on bass, Erez Nadler on drums and Tomshi Shein on keyboards.

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