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Dear Hearts:
First off: We are fighters for the "SINCERE" the "WOUNDED" the "PURE OF HEART" and the "HONEST." You may not like some things we say, but it's memories, it's truth, and it's real to us!!!!!!! We care nothing for competition, nor do we find any need to fit into what YOU THINK MAYBE RIGHT or the norm! Through the last few
years we have learned a lifetime of love, and loss. Our drive is primarily out of burning hearts, and the tears that motivate us...We are extremely passionate in everything we do and feel......This
has been a blessing and a curse at the same time! When you love something so much just to be left behind and cast aside is an endless, chest tightening experience....(then to just grit your
teeth and hope for the best)....For the passionate ones of the world, our love goes out to you and all that you will have to endure from the selfishness of an unkind world, brainwashing the detached masses.......WE ARE FIGHTING FOR YOU!.....In time, what goes around will come back around!!.......and "this is for all the wounds that will ever scar us." Always to remember to try the
hardest we can in any situation so that we will always be able to leave with our heads up in the end.....but if it goes too far, WE WILL SHOW TEETH AND KNUCKLE...............

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Website: www.numberonemusic.com/eldest

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