Rock, Dance, Electronica
From: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Corey - Guitar/Vocals
  • Tom - Synth/Drum Machine
  • Tyler - Bass

About Band

Electrovillain is a love child, born of the broad and vast genres of Rock and Electronic Dance, effectively fitting the band into Electronic Rock.  With fun synth lines, catchy guitar riffs, and ass-stompin’ beats, the crowd always loses their shit and can’t wait until the next Electrovillain show!  You can imagine the Electrovillain sound as a ‘casual affair’ between Justice and Finger Eleven.

Electrovillain does truly bridge the gap that has been created between music carved out by the rock scene and the music heard blaring through closed dance club doors. The members achieved this by pulling back and forth between both musical elements to experiment the extent of what can be done and what it takes to get someone to both rock-out and dance all at the same time.

This band is composed of three members: Tyler Edlinger (Bass), Tom Burns (Keyboards and Drum Machine), and Corey Edlinger (Guitar and Vocals). All three have some form of formal music training, but their focus on music is anything but formal and challenges the extent in which very different musical stylings can be brought together and synthesized.

Anyone who has seen Electrovillain live can attest that this is a band with a live show that will literally rock your socks off, providing energetic music and unforgettable stage presence! They dislike little more than going to concerts and seeing the performers just standing on stage. What’s the point? That’s what a CD is for. Electrovillain keeps it real and is bringing the concert back to unsuspecting audiences. This is your warning. Be ready.

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Website: www.myspace.com/electrovillain

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