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"The saviour. Of course that's not me. Not even the most fanatical Green Peace member or a priest in suburbia. The saviour, which is not some financial expert or luna park fortune-teller in mottled dress. It is hopefully the one that will show us how to attenuate the scum of vaticanism, bushism, intolerance and related products of ignorance. The person that will elevate our consciousness to the level of technology we are able to produce and use. It's someone we are waiting for... in vain."

El Soter is Blaz Erzetic's audio-visual brainchild. Erzetic introduced himself to the audience with Amateur God project (www.amateurgod.com) and three albums: one released in USA (Wampus Multimedia) and two in Germany (Black Rain). This, fourth album, is so different from the predecessors that it needed its own name.

Appletree of Discord (2008, CD + DVD) available on www.neversun.net/shop

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Website: www.neversun.net/elsoter

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