emcee yulin arendse

emcee yulin arendse

emcee yulin arendse

Hip-Hop, Christian, Christian Rock
From: cape town, South Africa

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            taking skills transforming it into christain hiphop skills

yulin stays def. blessed performing all over the cape marketing himself for two years in hunt for a break

but for now yulin states hunting a label is the last thing on his mind ..if it comes it comes ,but his got some unfinished business with the lord jesus christ and enjoys working with and for him

check out he's demo on urbanmix

daily testimony:

3nov08: yesterday while on my  way home from work i had a conversation with god , and i've just been moved to another department recently and i had to be sure that it it was the real deal.

>so while the train was driving i asked god if the position i'm in now is legit,will it work for me and am i safe incl. my wife and daughter due to our current financial situation. anyway the train moved and moved until my eyes just fell at a wall with a graffity piece on stating {SURE} at that moment i was'nt convinced untill the train stopped again at a station called {wittebome} meaning white trees . i then prayed also in a shock mode but blessed and thanked god for what he did in my life/

what i'm saying is your music can go so much further if you include the lord jesus christ in it

keep it real

mc yulin

new testimony by yulin 17 nov08

i met up with a friend of mine not so long ago i useto work for him, but he canned the business idea/ anyway. when i got there the guy had been out of work for months he and his family were financialy crashed and i was sad and wanted to just let go of myself, but god used me and my wife and a good friend of mine to pray for him and interceed and this morning he went for an interview and he got a stunning job .

god listens no matter what or where you are ...your life is a testimony and dont forget that

keep it real in christ

mc. yulin

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