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The year 1999 brought together two aspiring vocalists seeking a similar goal, that being, the achievement of success in the music industry. Michael Haglar Jr, aka "Koolwater", and David Brimley Jr, aka "Delray Da Bedroom Bandit", embarked on a new approach with their musical talents that led them to form the R&B group known as Emerje. Through the course of time they decided that a third member would make a real positive impact on their sound, a different type of talent to enter the group Emerje. A phenomenally talented singer, known as Randy Bland, aka "Ray Rizzil" or, "Mr. Git U Wet", who has paved the way in time to strive for a new blazing sound. Ray's entry has proven to be the most devoted yet also groundbreaking in the movement of the groups success. Emerje, now fresh and new, have brought their soulful sound to the ears of many listeners as they have opened for acts such as the legendary Ms. Jeannie Holliday, Twista, Chris Brown at Summer Fest on the Harley Davidson stage in Milwaukee on July 10th, 2006, and have also performed for Mr. Bernard Brown, CEO and founder of "IT'S JUST JOKES ENTERTAINMENT", in various functions which included both varieties, showcases & also city wide hair shows in the Midwest. We were invited to perform at the Hattisburg, MS. Blues Festival, and also performed at the Juneteenth Day Festival in Milwaukee on June 19th both years, 2006 & 2007, right along with plenty other performances that we've taken part in. The EP entitled "I KNOW YOU WANT IT", is our 1st release as an R&B group that has been rapidly moving as we prepare for the album entitled: "LIVING THE LIFE". We also do full production for R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Etc. So if you are looking to get in contact with Emerje, you can reach us at the following contacts,

Ray hm.1 (414)464-1516 or cell.1 (414) 627-2380,

KOOLWATER cell.1 (414)841-2688, 

Delray cell.1 (414)534-8992.


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Website: myspace.com/Emerje
Website: myspace.com/RayRizzil

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