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life as a singer for me as a started back in 1991at the age of 8...My mum put me and my brothers in a small church choir...which i hated so muchOn every wednesday, thursday and saturdaywe would have to practice a song to perform on sunday we occasionally use to get some help from our mum and Dad Depending how hard the song was, come the age of 16 we had formed our own family church choir,things got a bit interesting forus at this stage, as we decided we wanted to be an established siginggroup which was pretty much impossible at the time as we did'nthave a clue where to start...later on at the age of 22 i decided to work towardsgetting a record deal and try to move forward with my music so i used what i had which was a demo recording program and my dadskeyboard to record a couple of tracks to performe at a fashion show that was being hosted at the time by a fashion company called PICAGIRLFASHIONSwhich turned out to be pretty success full at the time and now at the age of 23 i'm working on a number of projects and have my own website and not far from being sighed as i have had 2 american labels show interest in me, they say i have got a brand new sound with a really amazing voice...

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Website: www.myspace.com/emmanuel247

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