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It was as a teenager that Emoènza, now 31 years old discovered a passion for writing. In 1995, Emoènza joined a group called African Rap Prodigies. For eight years he immersed himself in rap culture in an almost clandestine way. Rap music was not a welcome choice in Mauritania’s traditional cultural environment. He is the founder of the group called '' LA Rue Publik'' meaning '' THE PUBLIC STREET'', borning in 2000. He became a cultural promoter and, in 2008, created Hip Hop Assalamalekoum, a cultural festival gathering various Mauritanian and foreign artist that has become a forum for Mauritanian youth yearning for a space to freely express their artistic drive. He was one of several respondents in a focus group that provided useful input on the engagement of development partners in Mauritania. According to Monza, African youth are the weakest link in the debate on development issues. He calls on international institutions and on African leaders to change their disposition toward youth. “I would say that young people are very poorly represented in the discourse on development in Africa. We are rarely consulted on issues as important as good governance, the fight against poverty and pandemics. Yet there is an inexhaustible source of initiatives carried by young Africans who want only to be listened to and encouraged." He urges governments to involve youth and artists in political and development discourse. “Artists observe society to identify problems and to inform the public and policymakers. Unfortunately, it's very rare to see African policy-makers take into account and resolve the problems that youth submit." Artists also have a responsibility, according to Emoènza. “The speech of the artist must reflect the aspirations of the people, because artistic discourse without a cause behind can only be empty."

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Website: www.president2larupublik.com

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