Alternative, Gothic, Psychedelic
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Ann - Guitar & Vocals
  • Lance - Guitar & Vocals
  • an-ki - vocals/keys
  • durty vali - bass

About Band

emox was created in december of 2005 by lance and ann....we were long lost brother and sister.....actually, we had never met each other before.....but, we both got along very well and love music.....within a day we were writing music with each other.....the only instruments used in our songs are guitars....and a drum sequencer.....we hope you enjoy the fruits of our expression and always love to hear feedback.....as well as YOUR methods of expression.....we have no touring plans and do not have a label......it will probably take us a couple of months still to get a songlist in order....so in the meantime.......listen for free and enjoy....

thank you so much!




Gothic CD Review (5 song demo 2006)

There is a new band taking form under the sultry New Mexico sky. They are known as Emox. This duo have only been rehearsing for a few months, but they are off to a promising beginning with room to perfect what they have started. The music in which they compose is dark and psychedelic and often times experimental. Lance, the Male vocalist of the group, puts one in mind of Michel Gyra of Swans fame, or at times Nick Cave on some of the tracks with his brooding dark vocals. Other tracks, in both the song arrangement and vocals put me in mind of the first few albums of Pink Floyd, or The Legendary Pink Dots with the Multi-effects used on the tracks.

The arrangement of the guitar and drum sequencer is often slow and melancholy. One can definitely hear the influence of The Cure on all four tracks of this CD, and maybe even a splash of Led Zeppelin.

Ann, adding the soft ghostly female vocals on the CD, swirls her performance around and around like an EVP. It is similar in arrangement to Black Tape for a Blue Girl with a vocal quality similar to that of Regeana Morris of The Changelings Fame.

For a group that has only been together a few months, they are off to a wonderful start. It will be exciting to see how they develop. When they do, they would be perfect addition to tour with The Changelings or The Pink Dots. The Dark psychedelic sky is the limit for this group of the Southwest.

Chain DLK (10 song Demo 2007)

Emox is the long lost brother and sister duo of Lance and Anne, held out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The cd represents a ten song untitled demo they recorded together. An impressive crafted demo you can take and listen to during a nice long drive on the countryside in the season of cold winter and the drifting of the snow. The songs are composed with a guitar and a drum machine that have a slow and mid-tempo rhythm. Some of the songs have a melancholic feel, but indeed catchy. The lyrics are written in a beautiful poetry form in a Robert Frost setting style. And the vocals of Lance contemplates in a dark manner, as Anne's vocals falls in a softly ethereal, which have that ghostly haunting feel. The cd demo is flourished with musical heart and charm. Not bad for a band who just getting started with their music career. Hearing the band playing live acoustic will be a perfect great fit and acceptable because of the guitar dynamic arrangements of how all the songs composed. Outstanding tracks are "Hopeless", about a shy boy who's in love with a girl, but doesn't give his heart to her; "Patience", "Bridges", "Night Snow", "Autumn Voices" and "Never Too Late". Emox has potential and maybe the long lost brother and sister who found each other will maybe get a chance of being signed to a label.

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