R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul
From: MEMPHIS, TN, United States

Band Members

  • Djay - Singer
  • G Graze - Singer
  • Veno - singer
  • B. Sims - singer

About Band

What is "eN10Se",(in-ten-se), a name, cleverly, concocted by a member of the group while desperately trying to elaborate on an indescribable sound and feeling that was evoked during a vocal rehearsal. The group adopted the name and changed it's look to phonetically say intense (E.N.10.S.E) and in Tennessee (en-10-se) at that same time, in respect to where they began.

If nothing else, it has been an extreme and "intense" struggle over the past five years for the sensational R&B group. Formally known as INFINITE, they began this rocky road of tumult with two other members who, unfortunately, weren't on the same accord. The two that remained; Lil B (B. Sims) & D. Jay (Melodic),joined with two other guys that had been singing together for a few years, G-Graze & Veno, to form the 'harmonically skilled, multi-gifted group that they are today.

Each member, uniquely different, adds his own style and sway to the groups clever medley of sounds. With a street edge and simultaneous sweet and soulful sound, they relate to any age, type, and background; as artists, musicians, and people with songs of love, sorrow, good times, and poverty, etc. As singers’ singers, eN10Se sets its standards to that of the likes of a New Edition or Boys II Men, with a 21st century edge, rather than conforming to the lollipop age of Hip Hop and R&B but determined to bring the dwindling genre back to life.

Germanie “G-Graze” Gentry, a multi-talented, singer, writer, and producer acts as one part of eN10Se. His ever so present street influence expressed in his music gives the music he produces a sway, ever so reminiscent of soul and early 90‘s present, such to the likes of Next and H-Town.

Brandon “B” Sims, a multi-faceted musician, producer, composer, songwriter, singer/ rapper, and dancer acts as another intricate addition to the 4 man singing machine that is eN10Se. His mixed background gives his musical presence an edge unlike much of what is out there.

Derrick “Melodic” Smith (Djay); melodically exceptional singer, writer, producer, composer, and designer is such a determining factor in the powerhouse that these men have created. His exceptional capacity to write/compose propels the groups array and number of songs to outstanding proportions.

Treveno Flowers; outstanding writer, singer, and composer, adds the secret ingredient to the melting pot. His unique sound and vocal ability is like that of no other and his sway charisma and charm adds the icing on the cake for a group of unprecedented account.

Since the beginning,eN10Se has been chasing their dream of fame only to be let down by what was said to be, but never was. They'd even been brushed off by some of the big shots, but little did those big shots know what they were letting slip right through their fingers! “Do it yourself” soon became the motto of eN10Se. The group has become an all out team of young men that strive to learn the business as self-managers, musicians, composers, promoters, producers, graphic designers, writers, choreographers, and multi-faceted artists that strive for longevity. Often let down by many that facetiously lent hands, eN10Se has struggled on their own to make the best of what they have. Never asking for sympathy, this group has stood as men ready to face adversity and change the game with their skill, poise and maturity.

A group destined to turn dreams into reality! ~eN10Se™~

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