Engraved In Flesh

Engraved In Flesh

Engraved In Flesh

Black Metal, Metalcore, Punk
From: Beloit, WI, United States

Band Members

  • Erowk - Vox
  • Graham - Guitar
  • Curtis - Guitar/ Live Bass
  • Justin - Bass/ Live Drums

About Band

Our Animosity Is Towards Christianity!

"In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point."-Friedrich Nietzsche

In August 06, Engraved in Flesh was formed after Er!c was kicked out of another local band, because of animosity with one of the guitar players... soon, guitarist Graham and bassist Justin fallowed in his footsteps to persue better musical interests... later, guitarist Curtis joins them to create the current line up... we're out to expose the hypocrisy and ignorence of the mainstream christian thoelogy, morality, religion, and zionism. We are here to sing about stupid shit in our culture that we would like to highlight... We are here to sing about shit we think of when we get stoned... and most of all... We are here to piss off people... We are basically Blacken Death Metal with Grindcore undertones because we have Anti-christian/Anti-religion motives, and Grindcore/Punk/Black/Death Metal music interests... we are currently working on more songs and possibly a few more cover songs... we have some rough demos up at the moment and we may tweek things within the songs later on... we are currently looking for a drummer or a temp bassist at the moment...we may add keys later on... we are currently looking for places to play gigs... We also have a cover band side project called The Chop Stick Murder... we don't plan on impressing anyone... if you dont like our covers or songs, Fuck You... we don't care what ingorent people think... besides, these are just simple recordings... if you dig our music please comment us!!


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