Rock, Hard rock, Metal
From: Cochrane, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • DD AXE - Lead Guitar
  • E Lang - Vocals
  • JJ Spice - Bass
  • A Bouch - Drums

About Band

"We are a no nonsense hard rock band that loves classic rock," The Band formed when the chance to open up for Canadian Rock Legends The Stampeders came about. Rehersals started and in no time the group had 30 tunes wrapped up. The first time out the guys served up an awesome performance which led to the band being asked to headline the Truck Drag concert, which the boys played a 4 hour set. Needless to say the rehearsals for this show brought their set list to an impressive 100 songs to choose from. This gig showed the band could bring in the crowd with over 700 people attending (a record for the event) and with it their fan base was starting to grow.  An event promoter in attendance of this show offered the band the opportunity to open for another well established Canadian act Toronto for 2 dates. Yet another offer was made for the group to open for rising Canadian star Ray Lyle, an event that that seen attendance in excess of 10,000 people. The offers to play began pouring in.  SAB (The Original Rock n Roll Outlaw) who's collaberations with Ronnie "The Hawk" Hawkins  and Kris Kristofferson are well documented, heard of this band  making alot of "noise" (no pun intented) got in touch with them and asked if they'd be interested in performing at the Porquis Blues Festival opening for SAB. They wowed the crowd that evening climaxing with an outstanding rendition of RUSH's Anthem & Spirit of the Radio medly. SAB, being totally impressed asked if the band would return the following year.(which they did) In the crowd that evening hoping to spot some quality bands to add the their Kapuskasing Lumber Jack Festival line up (an event televised on Canadian Sports channel TSN) was members of their entertainment commitee. Following the performance the band was asked to play on the Saturday line up. The way this gig is set up, if asked to play, you play on the Thurs and work your way on to the Sat. night which is the "BIG" night, that sees attendance for the event in excess of 5000 people.  The band skipped all the politics and went straight to Saturday. With another great performance it was time for the guys to start recording some original material. (a rough mix being heard hear) And to date the guys have anteed up some very good material, which will be coming out in the future. In the meantime, the group was offered yet another premiere show, this time opening for Canadian Greats  MOXY. With their reputation as "high energy" (as quoted in some local papers) and the bands fan base growing, the MOXY show seen the crowd chanting the band name after finishing the set, leaving the crowd wanting more!!  This led to the climax of the summer of 2007 with the breath taking opportunity for the band to open for international, classic to the max ,Rock Giants NAZARETH, yes NAZARETH!!  Needless to say the guys were beside themselves when apporched to do this show. Not only that ,but they were asked to play an hour and a half. Something not seen in shows of this caliber. The band warmed up the sold out arena for NAZ and showed a professionalism that they can hold their own. What does the future of the band hold. We'll wait and see. But with the exposure of high end shows of this magnitude being offer to these boys, rest assured that this is not the last you've heard from these guys....   stay tuned....   there will be more to come.... by the way the name of the band is LIFT. We had to use the name Equallibrium as it was considered at one time and for a very good reason and was taken on this site.....

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