Eric Lee Band

Eric Lee Band

Eric Lee Band

Rock, Alternative, Other
From: Nashville, TN, United States

Band Members

  • Eric Lee - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Bradly Ferrell - Bass
  • Joe Dorn - Drums
  • John - Holland

About Band

The Eric Lee Band is one class-act on track to becoming the next premiere mega-hit.
Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this band lives up to all expectations of a native Music City group and more.

Their unique sound is a mixture of smooth modern alternative rock blended with solid grooves and tasteful melodic guitar riffs. Their stage presence is transcendent and inviting, while the music is entertaining and competently unhurried. With the majority of the songs basked in ultra-wet acoustic guitar, the music never overpowers the multitude of subtle nuances present throughout the band’s material. If you are hoping for an intimate evening of music and fine company, you will certainly find that with the Eric Lee Band.
Eric Lee is well-known for his supremely poetic lyrics that satisfy the soul and provoke the mind. He is a narrative master in the interpretation of real-life experiences and his fluency in storytelling is unsurpassed.

Married with a fantastic lyrical styling is a fresh and new, yet eminently familiar musical tapestry of beats and melodies interwoven with progressive and traditional bass lines. While tastefully incorporating musical influences such as John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a myriad of 80’s & 90’s artists, the Eric Lee Band maintains a rock solid original sound and musical attitude.

Their songs reflect a sincere passion for their craft and define the band as a unique and authentic combination of professional artisans. This is a must see, must hear band!

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With a sound and style reminiscent of Three Doors Down and John Mayer, the Eric Lee Band is promptly making their presence known in the industry. This group's ability to captivate an audience with brilliant musical finesse is definitely an emotional experience to behold. Their music is spiced with familiar nuances yet remains largely unique and at times somewhat challenging to categorize. All aspects considered, buyers have described the band's music as adult contemporary rock with a hint of alternative fringe.
Regardless of how you chronicle the Eric Lee Band's extraordinary intent, you will not be left disappointed. Their easy-going attitude and graceful stage presence mixes well with their commitment to close public relations and fan support. They are attentive to their audience and enjoy spending time with the crowd before and after performances.
If you enjoy great music and an inviting rhythmic atmosphere, you will certainly want to be a part of the Eric Lee Band's energetic and entertaining live exhibition.

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