ErieLake Musicollage ltd.

ErieLake Musicollage ltd.

ErieLake Musicollage ltd.

Ambient, Techno, Experimental
From: MONROE, MI, United States

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E.L.M. ltd. is a fledgling production co. with strange new [and old] ideas. the goal is to create music that ya won't hear backing up, say, ads or video games. and at the same time music that you can literally either nod yer head rhythmically to, or just sit and contemplate without losing interest. sonic alchemy, let's say, that yields rare gold. ------------- --------------- ...and one of the artists being produced is a katt named MATCHES outta the Detroit area, who was an under-the-radar sensation in the mid-70's. he has emerged from retirement to be produced now by E.L.M. ltd. and with an entirely new vibe. his unique and blessed voice you will hear here along with his 2nd-to-none wordsmithing.



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