Ervilhas Astrais (Astral Peas)

Ervilhas Astrais (Astral Peas)

Ervilhas Astrais (Astral Peas)

Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic
From: Curitiba, Brazil

About Band

When time and space converge in music can happen that you least expected: to be hooked by the sound waves that surround your brain in the deepest trance music and take you to a random trip. Spreading our music with great originality, vibrant sound that promises to shake the world. The band consists of five friends looking for a unique sound. Now here we are showing the songs totally independent and open to the public to know and disseminate this material. Under inspiratory influences a glass of wine a night of cold, the old vinyl playing, Stanley Kubrick nights, the Astral Peas have the pure sound to attack the unconscious crazy minds and hearts. After a tour around the green world, break paradigms, break the rules, trace a line on the ground and go under. Suddenly We remember the green, from green to greener that exists. The color happier and the sadder color. Green clothes, green clothed, green eyes, green card, green tea, green grass, green day, a green world, the world will be green with Astral Peas Band!

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