Esacrih Airoth

Esacrih Airoth

Esacrih Airoth

Black Metal, Death Metal, Classical
From: Talcahuano, Chile

Band Members

  • Thircase - Guitars, Back Voice
  • Zephyroth - Composing, Programming, Ex Vocalist

About Band

Esacrih Airoth was born as a project in April 16, 2006, when Zephyroth and Thircase are agree to change the name of their band "Genocide God" because an Internet user had the name and they wanted something original.
They began with very primitive rhythms and very distorted and saturated sounds, but with time, effort and dedication, they began to improve their melodies, and sounds, to become what they are today. They have been influenced by some very powerful bands, trying to emulate their brutality, coldness, and leading to a new level their own visions. They got what they called "our new begin", a remastering of their first demo Blood Blast. Work which they called: "Blood Blast rebuild" that was released in some forums around the Internet. After that, Zephyroth continues composing once and again. making every song more devil and technical than the last one. Many "pseudo-albums" was created in the way that never were released because they didn't fulfil their spectatives. Finally, Zephyroth, who was the singer, did leave the microphone because they did harm their vocal cords so, he can't give his voice anymore. Anyway, they are actively searching for a singer who can give to Esacrih Airoth, their brutal vocal touch.

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