Escaping Memory

Escaping Memory

Escaping Memory

Metal, Hardcore
From: Scottsburg, United States

Band Members

  • Stephen Rosenburg - Vocals
  • Jarod Coomer - Guitar/Vocals
  • Josh Combs - Guitar
  • Chris Hysell - Bass
  • Chris Davis - Percussion
  • Jon Cox - Keys

About Band

"At least one time, in every single person's life, they are hit with the poisonous shard known as bad remembrance. Whether the cause be heartache, depression, failure....whichever...that one vision of negativity will always be there. There are two thought processes in which the human mind uses to bind these reminders to darkness. The first one, to re-act, to re-love and fix what went wrong. To go back in time, in a sense, and replace the dark visions with perfect ones. This doesn't work for many, as most of us know. The second thought process is the one most of us wish would take care of our metaphorical aches and pains. This process is death. We are Escaping Memory. Be Prepared" Escaping Memory are a five-piece metal/hardcore band hailing from the small town of Scottsburg, IN. Being together only a short two years, they have already accomplished what would take some a life-time. Leaving every audience in awe, begging for more, and never dissapointed, Escaping Memory make it a point to leave every one of their "witnesses" speechless. Having shared, and will be sharing the stage with bands such as UNEARTH (Metal Blade REcords), CHIMAIRA (Ferret Records), HE IS LEGEND (Solid State Records), INHALE EXHALE (Solid State Records), BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE (Solid State Records), THE SHOWDOWN (Mono VS Stereo Records), HEADLINING for SCARS OF TOMORROW (Victory Records), playing with THE RED CHORD (Metal Blade Records), THE ACACIA STRAIN (Prosthetic Records), YEAR OF DESOLATION (Prosthetic Records), SHAI HULUD (Own Indie Label), ED GEIN (Black Market Activities), Kittie, Walls of Jericho, and THE TONY DANZA TAPDANCE EXTRAVAGANZA (Metal Blade Records), it is clear that Escaping Memory fear no band, and can not only compete with any band, but have never had a problem adapting to any surrounding genre they come in contact with. Escaping Memory are a band that almost anyone could love. Can they appeal to the hardcore kids? Listen to their hit "Euphoria" and judge for yourself. Can all the boys and girls who like the softer, more melodic stuff possibly like this band? Just wait and see what happens when their break-through hit "4 Letters" permeates your eardrums! And last but not least, how about the people who like some good rock music, amazing vocals, and flawless transition from hard and heavy, to nice and calm? Well, your answer to that is their "possibly most famous song" entitled, "Sapphire and Ice". Being compared to bands such as Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, even Story of the Year by some, Escaping Memory are out to prove that they can play what they want, when they want, whilst not being constricted to one genre, and making it clear that, even though some like to compare the band to others, they are what they are, and nothing else. My friends, my advice to you would be to simply brace yourself for greatness, absolutely do not expect another cliche-it's-all-been-done-before-band, and be prepared for what could possibly be the greatest experience of your life. Thank you.

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