Esoteric Doctrine

Esoteric Doctrine

Esoteric Doctrine

Death Metal, Alternative, Metal
From: Orillia, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Max Kane - Lead Vocalist & Lead Guitar
  • Shawn "cheddarr" Arends - Vocalist & Bass Guitar
  • Alex Reid - Percussion
  • Aaron Mangoff - Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar

About Band

Esoteric Doctrine is a four peice metal/alternative band from Orillia Ontario Canada. Formed in December of 2006 by old school yard chums, lead vocalist & lead guitarist Max Kane and vocalist & rhythm guitarist Aaron Mangoff, on top of a local restaurant in small apartment in their home town. For months Max drove riff after idea etc. into Aaron's head while blending two different musical backrounds trying not to disturb patrons downstairs until they decided it was time for more memebers. Seeking a percussionist. Aaron was lucky enough to meet Alex Reid with headphones blasting, drumming with his knuckles and toes on anything in his wake. The three started jamming and writing music using some of Max and Aaron's original ideas and new licks and runs. The final element was added when a friend of Alex's was looking for a band, bassist Shawn Arends.

Esoteric Doctrine is named after the subject matter Max and Aaron base their lyrics upon.

War, Conspiracy, Espionage, Secrecy, Lies, Hatred, Life, Death and Dictation without a face.  We are not afraid of the truth that has shadowed our light and hidden the path of a free mind darkening our chance of escape.

Esoteric Doctrine preaches the reality of todays high society and the vilehuman being that created it.  

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