Metalcore, Emo, Acoustic
From: Valdosta, Georgia

Band Members

  • Krissy - Guitarist/Screaming Vocals

About Band

Eternity of Desire was started by Kristopher Krizovsky aka: Krissy. EOD's music is mainly scremo/metalcore, bands like Asking Alexandria, Eyes Set to Kill, Beneath the Sky, From First To Last, Avenged Sevenfold,  I Killed The Prom Queen, and many more.

We are just starting out, but we hope to make it big.

Our first album is hopefully going to come out in July, we'll get demo songs on here soon enough :)


EOD formed when I (Krissy) asked my friend (Lee) if he wanted to start a band. After 7 bands failing I was ready to give up, but I kept going for it. It is hard for us, we all live in different parts of Georgia, so getting together to practice is...well hard as fuck, but we're getting there haha.

Disired to be Loved:

Our first album we will release is "Disired to be Loved" orgrinally it was called "Serinty Celest" named after our (Mine an Lee's daugther, though this is only a joke lol). Our album should come out in July sometime.

Music Style:

We are kind of like Asking Alexandria, and Eyes Set to Kill. Mine and Lee's biggest influences are Asking Alexandria, as for Clay I can not say for him.


Our future is to just make a living off our music and have fun :)

Cool Bands to Check Out (I will add unsigned band's as I see them): A Broken Promise, Tears From the Sky, A Vain Attempt, Day at Night, Bury the Silence, From Paris With Love, God Forsaken, Alone and Acoustic, 12 Years Ago, Dismember the Fallen, My Own Enemy, Manuelalba, Sixth Day Mistake, Beneath the Nightmare,

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