Evan Jerome

Evan Jerome

Evan Jerome

Rock, Blues
From: New Rochelle, NY, United States

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“Music expression has always been an integral part of my life”(Evan Jerome) Evan has been playing and performing music all his life in one form or another. When he was 10 years old, he bought his first electric guitar. It was a choice between two guitars on the rack. One was a brand new electric guitar from Japan called a Hondo and the other was a used, slightly beat up, sunburst Fender Stratacaster from 1974. For whatever reason, Evan chose wisely and his family bought him the Fender. Today, he still plays with this same vintage guitar. Through the years, Evan has developed his guitar playing and studied with jazz professionals such as Tom Chang and Stephen Benson in NYC. After college, Evan lived on the Upper West Side of NYC and formed the band Shamayim with friend and fellow lead guitarist Michael Poulad. Shamayim’s sound had a rhythm and blues/rock feel and the lyrics were inspired by Jewish mystical themes. Evan played at a variety of organizations and clubs on the Upper West Side including Citrus, The Parlour and The Triad. An album was released in 1999 that featured original music from this period. In 2006, with new songwriting material ready to be released, Evan decided to hit the studio and assemble a new band. With the assistance of fellow musician Sam Minitti, Evan formed the The Commuters and released “Balancing Act” in the Spring of 2007. The album explores the condition of American society immersing itself in the new technology of the Information Age. It also seeks to find meaning within the difficult balance between work, family, and personal space in today’s contemporary urban setting. The album was recorded by former Crash Test Dummies guitarist Saul Zonana at his home in North Salem, N.Y. The Commuters played a variety of shows in Greenwich Village at The Baggot Inn. In 2010, Evan had about 15 new songs written and decided to form a new band to play and record. Evan contacted bassist Stephen Schwab who was impressed by the songs and set up a group of musicians including David Comedie on saxaphone, LaFrae Sci on drums and Ziv Nagari on guitar. The group played a series of shows at the Acme Underground in Greenwich Village and subsequently recorded an album entitled "Travelogue" at Sound Studio in Flushing, N.Y. "Travelogue" has an earthy, soulful quality combining rock, jazz and blues. Evan's concept of the album was to create a travelogue through songs and express the importance of one's journey over destination. Evan is now working on new songs and plans to distribute his music for other artists to record. He is also working on distributing his music through a variety of mediums including telivision, film and web based programming.

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