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EVERSON EDUARDO PALADINI, Brazilian, catarinense, was born in 28/05, with his family, it fastened residence in Blumenau, also in Santa Catarina, in the year of 1959. To the seven years of age, he already came in shows in public squares, churches and radios, in that time, in auditorium programs. To the eight years, began to do part of the “Orquestra Magnata” as “Crooner”, staying until the 21 years of age. On September 02, 1969, day in that TV Associated of Blumenau was inaugurated, it was the first face to appear in a television in Santa Catarina, in a infantile program call “Sunday in the Park”, commanded by nostalgic Waldemar Garcia. He came in those broadcasting station even middles of 1975, in several programs: “Club of the Child”, “Maxi Show”, “Cheerful Saturday” and “Women in Vanguard”. In 1975 he moved to Florianópolis, when then, in 1977, he separated of the Orchestra, beginning a career in the night of the city. During that period he also came in several broadcasting stations of TV and radio in the whole Brazilian south, besides São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He sang and played at several bars and restaurants up to 1982, when then it went to live in Criciúma-SC. There it stayed up to 1993, returning for the capital. In Criciúma, it recorded several music in studio, having turned them in almost all the broadcasting stations of radios of SC. One of their music, “SIMPLES MORTAL” it was among the asked 12 of the Rádio Cidade, for more than 70 days, staying one week in first place. In Criciúma, still, it presented programs in radios, television and wrote columns in newspapers. He presented programs of radio also in the Rádio Difusora, of Lagoon Beach City. With his turn for the Capital, it fastened residence in the neighboring city of São José, where it lives until today, it reduced their presentations in public, being devoted more to own compositions, collection of friends' compositions and repertoire definition for recording of a disk. Counting with artist's Juca Chaves support, that kindly gave up the music “CÚMPLICE” for recording in CD, it defined the repertoire for the disk and he gave continuity to his patronage reception for accomplishment of the project. After countless ‘NO “, the company ELETROSUL, that is extremely sensitive to the cultural appeals of the society, decided to invest in the artist and it sponsored him so “battled” disk. In October of 2004, adopting the logo "eversonpaladini " entered in studio and made a replete work of good popular taste, totally scored by musicians, naked of synthesizers and electronic effects. It invited friends to participate in the work and clear, it counted with the personnel's of the studio extreme competence, that besides technicians, they are all musicians. In this work, he sing recorded Juca Chaves, Martinha, Vanuza, Eduardo Dussek, Milton Nascimento and Chico Buarque, besides own compositions and of friends, also made a version of American music, that it yielded a contract with the Publisher EMI PUBLISHING OF BRAZIL, multinational of great national and world repercussion. Now the song “SIMPLES MORTAL”, it is being executed at several countries (Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, USA and others). The CD has 13 music and for sale here: parla@eversonpaladini.com.br They make part of the CD the following music (all in Portoghese): 1. Accomplice (Juca Chaves), 2. Mornings of September (Vanuza, Mário Campaña), 3. The Traveler (eversonpaladini, Dante Bragatto Netto), 4. The Rut of the Earth (Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque), 5. The Mango (Kachias, Nile, Nelson), 6. Be Real (eversonpaladini, Saulo Machado), 7. Return (Saulo Machado, eversonpaladini), 8. Simple Human (eversonpaladini), 9. Anguish (eversonpaladini), 10. His Type (Eduardo Dussek, Luís Carlos Góes), 11. Crazy in Love (Crazy in Love) (E. Stevens, R. McCormick - version: eversonpaladini), 12. Ray of the Morning (J. C. Silva, Neno Corrêa, eversonpaladini), 13. That Man is That (Martinha, César Augusto) Still this year, eversonpaladini, enters again in studio for recording of the new Cd, that will be entitled “CUMPLICE 2”. In this Cd, the artist interprets own compositions, in partnerships and several versions (Alice Cooper, Simon & Garfunkel, Bread, James Seals, Eros Ramazzotti and Gianni Morandi). In the same way, the repertoire, basically romantic, she will totally have your songs scored by experienced and competent musicians, the musical cream of Santa Catarina. It comes back to the repertoire of this Cd, the same music CUMPLICE, with new arrangement, besides SIMPLES MORTAL LOUCO AMOR (Crazy in Love) and it VOLTA, music that do success for Europe and other countless countries of the planet.

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