F.A.C.E(Boss of 205)

F.A.C.E(Boss of 205)

F.A.C.E(Boss of 205)

Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Birmingham, AL, United States

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Website: myspace.com/facebossof205

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  When trying to compare F.A.C.E, there are many people that come to mind. However, F.A.C.E is a artist that is virtually an artist all his own. A Birmingham native, F.A.C.E has been freestyling and writing his own music for years but have not taken it seriously until two years ago. If you ask him about what he talks about in his music he would say, " My music is music that I go through. My emotions at that particular time". Currently he is working on his upcoming album entitled " Concrete Dreams" that is slated for release June 9 2009 be on the lookout for this artist in a major way.

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