Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

From: Amman, Jordan

Band Members

  • Abdul-aziz Assaf - Vocals
  • Ala'a Swalha - Guitars
  • Anas Safa - Guitars
  • Husam Haddad - Keyboards
  • Rami Mazahreh - Drums

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Website: www.myspace.com/fallingleavesjo
Website: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10391110 2984667

About Band


- Saturnus.
- Forest Of Shadows.
- Daylight Dies.
- Before The Rain.


Ala'a Swalha and Abdul-aziz Assaf had the idea to begin a Melodic Doom death Metal band .. A guitarist and A vocalist putting my dying bride - she's the dark as a first cover for them selves.

In 2006 ... The main idea was to have Abdul-aziz Assaf as a vocalist and a bassist. Another day they saw Rami Mazahreh playing the Drums in one of the Churches in Zarqa'a, he took the place as a drummer since then.

In 2008 ...Ala'a thought that it's time to take it seriously. he started to look for a guitarist. He found Tamer Al-Sheshany to be second guitars in Falling Leaves. After few months they found Abdullah Saleh to be the bassist of the band and in the same time .. tamer left the band for some personal reasons.

In 2009 ... Abdullah Saleh introduced Anas Safa to be the second guitars after Tamer's left the band. In need for a keyboardist, Falling Leaves tried their best in finding one, after a month Hussam Haddad were found to be the keyboardist of the band. Some personal issues have been in the life of Abdullah, and had to be out of the band, Anas and Ala'a Resumed the searching progress for a bassist. After doing 3 auditions .. Eyad Salameh was a good selection to be in the emptyness side that Abdullah Saleh left behind him.

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