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1- While defending at corners: marking The AI default chooses the players marking . It is possible to end up with a small defender facing opponent dominating the 3 heads, or one of your central defenders is completely eccentric. In both cases, take the hand manually (knob R3) on the player you want to move to position it in the right place in your defense.FIFA 17 Hack Coins 2- While defending at corners: the right timing of the head For your defender is needed from head to clear the camp, you must press Square (PS4) or X (XboxOne) in the right timing. Neither too early - your player will jump prematurely and lobbed the ball - or too late - it will be regularly beaten in the air by an opponent's play. Difficult to give a landmark to jump at the right time, but the idea is to press the button in the middle of the path. 3. While defending the corner, pass your opponent That sounds logical and even EA explains in his video tutorial on "How to defend the corners" . Still, it is not always clear and that you need to elbow and L2 / LB key to try to impose.FIFA 17 Hack As for the technique of Super-Cancel (L2 / R2 or LT / RT pressed simultaneously) you sometimes read on some forum FIFA 17, honestly, it was not able to reproduce this kind of stage set. You will perhaps more successful than us.

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