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  • Hometown: Tuban, Indonesia
  • Gender: Female
  • Born In: 1993
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Favourite Genres: Pop


When later in high school or college students want to carry a laptop particular as a means of supporting learning, so let him carry the device. But do no teachers or school administrators who require buying a laptop or a particular book. So that our society is quick to understand that from any strata and economic conditions as well as any education, we can get a comprehensive education, creative, and brought forth a nation that has resilience. Hold the conditions of the presence or absence of technology, whether or not the book, and put up with the difficulties and challenges faced throughout life. No more no nation is helpless because there is no laptop for a presentation, no more of our nation's children who feel stupid because they do not have a single book, and there is no longer a pessimistic nation to be successful because he is poor. So when all the books and technology in this world suddenly not in range, Indonesian students can still break down knowledge and solve all the problems of the nation as well as being a brilliant nation in the eyes of mankind. That is the main goal of education. [KF] VISIT OUR BLOG : Visit Our website-Best Laptops for College Students

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