February Heartbreak

February Heartbreak

February Heartbreak

Rock, Punk, Alternative
From: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Band Members

  • Matt Keyler - Vocals/Guitars
  • Josh Hall - Drums/Vocals
  • Jake Carroll - Guitars/Vocals

About Band

February Heartbreak is an all self taught 3 piece band including Matt Keyler- vocals and guitar, Josh Hall-drums and vocals, and Jake Carroll-guitar and vocals  that formed up in Indianapolis, In. It started out as Matt Keyler and Jake Carroll  starting the band Zero Limits. It included of 3 guitarists and a drummer(not josh) . After a while one of the guitarist quit and Keyler and Carroll fired the drummer, and that was the end of Zero Limits. Then Keyler and Carroll started a new band called Close Call that consisted of 2 guitarist (matt & jake), a bassist, a drummer (not josh), and a singer. Later on the drummer and singer got in some big trouble (ileagal trouble) and the bass player never came to rehursal, ao back to just Keyler and Carroll. Keyler got back in touch with former guitarist of Zero Limits Brandon Fletcher. Fletcher proposed the idea of starting yet one more band. Then Fletcher, Keyler, and Carroll started to form All 4 None. Looking for a drummer and a bassist Keyler asked Aaron Lindauer to sing for A4N(All 4 None) The he brought up the idea of Keyler joining Blind Reflection, his band that consited of a singer (Lindauer), a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer (JOSH!). After thinking over it Keyler AND Carroll joind Blind Reflection as the Lead Guitarist(Keyler) and new bassist(Carroll). After Changing the line up the final members were Lindauer-Vocals/Bass, Keyler-Lead Guitar/Vocals, Carroll- Rythm Guitar, and Hall-Drums. Blind Reflection was getting lots of success, then Lindauer join the school baseball team and never made to practice. So it was just Keyler, Carroll, and Hall and it took a month till they dichted Lindaer and renamed themselves as February Heartbreak. Latly they 've been trying to finish there demo and get ready for any up comming shows. To find out more when there gigs are just look under Upcomming shows/Events.


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Website: Myspace.com/februaryhbreak

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