Fed Up 74

Fed Up 74

Fed Up 74

Punk, Pop, Indie
From: Santo Tirso, Portugal

Band Members

  • Robert - Bas/Back Vocals
  • JoP - Vocals/ Guitar
  • HimSelf - Lead Guitar/Back Vocals
  • Cupido - Drums

About Band

It all began in a cool small town in the north of Portugal, when 4 kids met each other at school back in January 2002, and started making music together. Since JoP, Himself, Cupido and Robert share a Passion for punk rock, they found their direction. They started to write their own songs with one objective in mind, to write that one song that they feel represents each one of them. After writing many songs they finally found it, and that’s when they decided it was time to take it to the next level, to name the band. The chosen name was Fed Up 74.

During the summer of 2002 they got their Asses on a stage together for the first time. After their first two shows, they got enthusiastic and started to write more songs with the objective of bringing a bunch of fast, melodic, ass kicking songs to several places in the region. Slowly the band and music became a priority in life, a stronger commitment to a dream was born. They’re 4 best friends that love to rock together.

In 2003 the band went to a studio for the first time, where they recorded “lies”. At the same time they decided to create on their own their very first web page. This brought them the opportunity to rock the stage in a wider range of places, starting with the first show out of their hometown. In the summer they had the first taste of a big stage in the Music Festival in Vieira do Minho (Braga).

In 2004, they made a home recording of an acoustic song (You) that they felt was special and different from what they usually did, and wanted to share it. Unexpectedly this song seemed to appeal to people, and they decided to give something back through the Internet. More shows started to appear through the year during which they landed a show in Porto, sharing the stage with Aside, Radio Havana, VoideShape and She’s a Dove. This show opened a door to them to step for the very first time on a Punk-Rock festival stage. The PunkFest in Ovar, where they shared the stage with Fonzie, Easyway, More Than a Thousand, Radio Havana, Twentytoon and many other great bands. After an awesome summer they launched their own, brand new website online with merchandise and their own design. They felt they should enter the studio again, this time to record 10 songs. They had something to say and wanted others to hear it.

In 2005 the recordings were delayed, this was because they encountered a few technical problems, and they also started to have more of a following in their hometown. This led them to more concerts in the summer, which meant bigger stages with bigger audiences. They shared the stage with Half Baked, Ecos, Grounded, Above the Blue Carpet, Alien Explosion and many other great Portuguese punk bands. At the end of the summer, during which they learned to get on stage and give everything they have to give a good show, a local scene started to grow, and more shows were made in local clubs. By this time they also landed a show in Porto where they shared the stage with No Comply (UK), Just Went Black (DE), and other great local bands… By the end of the year with many difficulties, and switching between 3 studios, they ended up with 2 recorded songs. They gained more experience in the studio and were able to make good home recordings of another 2 songs. With 5 songs they recorded over the years they complied a demo, which got in the hands of a friend in Germany and an idea of going to Germany to give it a try to start their career.

In 2006, they did a few shows whilst having the objective to create an opportunity to go to Germany (Freiburg). One of these shows was in Ovar and here they shared the stage with a Portuguese new act called AOK. In June they got the confirmation to leave for Germany, they decided to play a show in what you could call a second home for these 4 guys, the bar is called Fundamento, they invited friends that they had made in the last 4 and a half years of the band, friends that were made at shows, hang outs, etc… On the 10th of July they stepped their first step together on German soil. Until the end of the year they made shows in Freiburg, one of which was a band contest called “Music-Star(t)-Contest” in Freiburg, and rocked the house. The band won the heat and was sent through to the finals.

In 2007, after a yearlong transitional period, they got their selves in the studio to record 5 songs and to produce an EP called “What to Do?” that would be released after the final of the MSC. Meanwhile they got ready for the final and played some more shows. The EP is intended to be released at the end of April 2007.

In March the band played the final of the MSC in Neuenburg and blew the roof off. Within 30 seconds they sent the crowd into a frenzy of crowd surfing and stage diving and sent out a million watt energy that continued through their set. Against tough competition they were victorious and won the contest.

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Website: www.fedup74.com

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