Felix and The Cats

Felix and The Cats

Felix and The Cats

Funk, Punk, Rap
From: Suva, Fiji

Band Members

  • Blain Cunneen - Drums
  • Nilesh Pawar - Bass
  • Steven Saphore - Guitar
  • Abhi S.V. - Vocals

About Band

A few years ago, while in school, Nilesh and Steven met Blain, who was a new student from Australia. Having similar taste in music, they decided to form a band. However since Blain had no musical capabilities whatsoever, Nilesh and Steven taught him how to play drums, as they both already played guitar. Together they started jamming in their free time, but had no vocalist. One day, the three boys were walking the back-alleys of the city when they encountered Abhi, who was freestyle beat boxing on a street corner to earn cash for food. Also having similar tastes in music, Nilesh and Steven took yet another under their wing to join the band as a vocalist. In the bands practicing area (which was the cell beneath blain’s house), a stray cat would linger while they practiced. They began feeding him, named him Felix and eventually adopted him. He became one of them, as he would faithfully sit and watch the lads practice everyday. He was their very first audience. However one fateful day, during practice, the band was playing a very energetic song and ‘really got into it’ so to speak. Amidst all the commotion, one of the boys knocked over the big amplifier, landing on Felix and killing him in a second, whilst doing what he loved best – enjoying some seriously set tunes. The band went on a hiatus as a way to deal with the tragic loss of Felix. They contemplated breaking up, but collectively decided that Felix would have wanted them to continue, due to their strong love of music. To honor his memory, the band named themselves Felix & the Cats, with Felix as their spiritual leader, and themselves as his feline disciples, emerging a stronger and better band than ever before…

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