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Fhernando is a great young Mexican DJ whose latest album, "Sweet Addiction", got some amazing reviews on free music download websites and social networks. Fhernando, or Fernando Ramires Rios, has been composing music since he was a teenager and has already released several EPs and singles. "I Love New York", his 2007 release, was a house/trance/electro composition. "Sweet Addiction" falls in between the disco/house/funk genres, with more complicated arrangements and "sexy & glam" style. Both are happy, energetic and capturing. Fhernando creates music about love, happiness and having fun. When you listen his music, you are meant to just throw yourself in the music, forget all your problems and feel like you can dance the whole night away. Composing music is just that for Fhernando, a way to fully immerse himself in something he loves and enjoys tremendously, it's his way of life, his "sweet addiction". The fantastic 2012 album, 'Last Days Of Disco' is a mix of genres and sounds of the 80s and the disco era, from the classic and melodic theme 'Funkylicious' to the powerfull "Kiss Me Harder Boy' is an album full of energy, celebration, party, a very personal album that took me 12 months of production, mixing and editing. An album full of happiness and sadness, heartbreakers and love disappointments, of love and pain, tracks like, 'Crying At The Discoteque' to the most erotic and sexiest track in the album, 'Pasadena Nights'.

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Website: www.fhernando.com

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