From: Louis Trichadt, South Africa

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I am Flair from South Africa and I'm more interested on letting the world know about my potential. I do Rap music and I'm looking forward to work if I get the right opportunities, I'm always ready to jump on calls and my only limitation right now is a good recording deal and a studio to show off my best. I have many written material which is more inspirational and in fact original because I always love to do me. I was mainly inspired by the people around me and most vital by the music I listen to, instance people like ( 2pac, Kendrick Lamar, Immortal Technique, Ace Hood and many more ) I cant mention them all. At first I didn't really want to rap, but that was before I realized how gifted I am and now I just feel like music is a vital part of me. Now fellas in my hood they always want my skill in their music, not that I'm giving my self credit, but I know for sure that its easy to see a spark of light if you are in the dark. I intend to go harder and as much higher as I could because this is what I really love and enjoy doing. I'm looking at this sight as an opportunity for the Real to Recognize Real. To me the sky is the limit, and I believe that only I can choose to turn up my light and let the whole world see through me or turn it off, but I choose to LIGHT IT UP. I'm always ready to work, in fact I want to work.

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