Flaming Tusk

Flaming Tusk

Flaming Tusk

Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal
From: Astoria, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Antipope Zosimus X PM - Rhythm Guitar
  • Dumnorix Χριστόφαγος War God Caducifer - Drums
  • Don Blood - Lead Guitar
  • Stolas Trephinator, Commander Of The Unholy Twenty-Six - Vocals
  • Sznajdar Schneidaar Schneigulf "Old Gutnish" Ă■eldaar - Bass

About Band

FLAMING TUSK. FLAMING TUSK is what I said. Flaming Tusk is the key, Flaming Tusk is the gateway. Our mission is clear: extinguish the sun, burn down all things bright and good, and play the song that ends the world.

BORN OF a miasma of musical influences and backgrounds, the five that make up this band have joined together to play metal in its most powerful form. We seek not to pigeonhole ourselves with needless descriptions or references; placing a band under a specific subcategory or linking it to bands that share its attributes is too often musically damning. When one closely defines a force, they give strength to its inversion, and Flaming Tusk embraces and conquers all. Suffice it to say that Flaming Tusk plays heavy metal—hard, loud, evil heavy metal, without irony, apology, or restraint.

FLAMING TUSK celebrates metal’s true place in the order of things, swimming amongst the icy rivers of chaotic truth that run through human existence. Life is composed of absolute beauty and unspeakable horror, and it is incredible how often the former is tempered with the latter. The heavens and earth offer up creatures and ideas to us built with the most intricate complexity, and yet their hideousness and/or frailty are what define them. Adorable children are mutilated by their own playthings; creatures of the graceful seas adapt into massive eyeless leviathans; political discourse leads to chemical warfare and barbaric violence; the promise of heaven spawns demonic torment beyond comprehension. The dark entropy that completes life on this plane is what makes us feel truly alive, and so we play its anthems in desperate celebration. Flaming Tusk exists because life would feel wrong without it.

LISTEN, and know your true self in all its horror. Embrace the music of crushing floods, sweeping fires, crumbling cities, and spilling blood. The black central artery of the world has been tapped. Spread the metal, raise the horns, bow your heads. Flaming Tusk has arrived.

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Website: www.flamingtusk.com

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