Freezy Mayne

Freezy Mayne

Freezy Mayne

Rap, Hip-Hop, Other
From: Casablanca, Morocco

About Artist

Youssef better known by his stage name Freezy Mayne is a Moroccan rapper, Youssef comes from Casablanca, raised with his two sisters and inspired by his mother, Freezy Mayne began taking the rap game seriously at the age of 16 after being impressed by his alter ego Eminem on his Diamond Album The Eminem Show, he started listening to other rappers too, which allowed him to get a big idea of American Rap Music. He says his desire is to be a big rapper, he was also inspired by the Westcoast-Eastcoast Rappers, he named his top 4 putting Marshall Mathers at the top of all rappers, second rank goes to his most favorite rapper Nas, then 2Pac comes 3rd and Jay-Z 4th, he spent all his youth life listening and relating rap songs and lyrics of other rappers, he gained a perfect flow and learned how to spell English words correctly to sound like an American Rapper. While fluent in French and Arabic, Freezy spoke only a small bit of English. However, he quickly became acclimated to American culture, partly through his infatuation for hip-hop, for high technologies and computer science, he was able to perfectly combine between his music and his studies, rap music was a hobby which would later become his obsession. “Rap music is the only thing that helps me to deal with my life”. Explains Freezy. With a solo career in tow, Freezy became one of the best young and unsigned rap artists. In 2003, he debuted his rap series, practicing on his steps at home and doing many freestyles, sometimes he learnt other rappers lyrics by heart, his friends encouraged him to start writing his own songs and record them, in 2009 he decided to start working for his own career which stands for hottest songs and released his first mixtape called Freestyles 2012 hosted by Dj Me and in collaboration with Self Made Studio, the mixtape contains 13 tracks and it was released on September 13, 2012”. A year after, Freezy started to release some new tracks, he dropped a song called "Casanegra : State Of Mind", in this song, the rapper narrates his relationship with the city he was born in, Casablanca, according to him The White House turns into a Black House at night..., he also added another song called Travellin' Man (I'm Leavin') referring to his desire of escape, to leave the country where he lives, 6 months later he dropped a single called "Tunnel Break" where he keeps confirming his big wish to leave the country, these songs will be appeared in his upcoming new mixtape.

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