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From: Armidale, Australia

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ftprints11 (aka Richard Rummery) is a unique solo artist/songwriter/multi-musician and producer based in Armidale NSW, Australia. Working from his own studio, Rummery has created a style called 'flexrock' which is an approach to popular music which draws on diverse pop/rock influences forming a hybrid that is accessible, layered, catchy. Anything can happen! Ftprints11's various main influences include Steely Dan, U2, Bowie, Genesis, The Fixx, Coldplay, Zappa -. ftprints11 albums released since 2002 include Colourblind (2003), the twin set Unsound and Thump (2006) which received great reviews and airplay, spawning the single 'Escape' from Unsound which was released in the USA on 3000 Records Radio Now! Compilation Vol 5. Rummery also co- produced Koori artist LJ Hill's Namoi Mud and the Insanity Gene's latest project. A prolific songwriter, Rummery's aka ftprints11 albums include the new Reflexion (2010), Violet Millions (2009) as well as the 'request only' Cinderella's Guts, Number of the Soul and Traces of Desire. Also available are two psytrance/dance/electronica CDs: Psychopathology and One on One. He is also a philosopher specialising in Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Social Psychology, Aesthetics and Mind and has published numerous papers and is currently finalising three books on the concept of Narcissism in philosophy. See for example:


ftprints11 is music for listeners who appreciate it and is not concerned with marketing hype or celebrity.

CDs available online and as download from www.cdbaby.com/ftprints115 and www.cdbaby.com/cd/ftprints115

rare downloads for Reflexion available at www.musicforte.com/ftprints11.  More ftprints11 links available at www.ftprints11.yolasite.com

More info at www.novembermedia.yolasite.com




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