Fultyme Band

Fultyme Band

Fultyme Band

Reggae, World, Other
From: St. Croix, Virgin Islands, U.s.

Band Members

  • Claudia "Princess" Sorhaindo - Lead Singer
  • Dylon "Ghost" Gordon - Drums
  • Dennis "Mr.-Ras" Saunders - Keyboards, Programmer
  • Kernel "Bass Man" Fontaine - Bass
  • Ched - Guitar, Lead Vocals

About Band

These five talented musicians started rehearsing together early in 2013'. They wanted to bring something different to the music scene on the Island of St. Croix. Each with their own unique island flavor to contribute, Dominican, Kittitian, Lucian and Cruzan flavor. With a plethora of cover and original tunes, they have crossed these songs into master pieces of zouk, reggae, calypso and soca. #Claudia "Princess" Sorhaindo - Lead Singer# Dominican by birth, lived on the Island of St. Croix for part of her life and the other in the United States. She has performed with various bands such as Sensation, Burning Flames, Spy vs Spy, WCK, Express Band, China Dan, Stroka Band, RMS, Pressure and Energetic. She uses her personality and stage presence to stimulate the crowd. She is the first young person to run for calypso monarch in the Virgin Islands which she won first runner up in 2002. She is motivated by her mother and local calypsonian “Lady Ann”. She would like young people to conquer their fears and take education seriously as it plays an intricate role in their creativity. Personality trait is also important to be a successful musical icon. It allows you to feel comfortable while interacting with the crowd during live performances and social events. Claudia feels that people should believe in themselves and explore opportunities to be creative. Poetry is fundamental in the music industry as it enables creativity while connecting past and present points of view. She enjoys all genres of music such as zouk, country and R &B music. These music genres ignite her musical style, enhance her creative skills, dance, originality and performance. #Dylon "Ghost" Gordon - Drums# Dylon was born and raised on the Island of St. Croix. He started playing the drums for the Bethel Methodist Church steel orchestra at age twelve. Over the years he has enhanced his drumming skills as well as his performance skills by performing with bands such as The Evolution Band, The Xclusive Band also known as The X6 Band, and the Bethel Methodist Church. He believes that music can take him as far as he wants it too. "Musicians don't retire, they stop when there's no more music in them." #Dennis "Mr. Ras" Saunders - Keyboards, Programmer# Born on the Island of St. Maarten but lived in St. Kitts for the most part of his life. He has a passion for music that presents itself in everything he does. At a very young age, going to school, he was the official beat box maker for his school by making sounds with his mouth. He would carry a tape recorder in his school bag with all type of rhythms from various bands and would dissect them to incorporate his style. Then, as he got a little older, he started to teach himself the piano to accompany his rhythms. In 2003, his love for music grew even more when he sold his motorcycle to get himself a drum machine with no idea on how to operate it. He once again taught himself to operate the keyboards and the rhythm box. As ambitious as he is, he started a young band called hiya hyghtz band, it lasted for a little while. He was then approached by a band called Kasanova in nevis to play along side their keyboardist as the rhythm man. He became the youngest rhythm man and soon after the main keyboardist. Later on, he left Kasanova band to join 4play band, a very popular hotel band in St. Kitts. He is proud of his accomplishment as a self taught musician, he believes by having self confidence, love and passion all things can be accomplished. #Kernel Fontaine - Bass# “Without music life is meaningless; period” ~ Kernel Fontaine~ Kernel Fontaine is a 28 year old bass player from the Island of Dominica. He started playing at the age of 17 and has been in love with his instrument ever since. Kernel does not believe that music is a congregation of notes on a piece of paper. It is much simpler than that and is within every human. Kernel hopes to use his musical skills, improve on it, and help create an unbreakable product that all will enjoy; the Fultyme Band.

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